Art message medium FGM: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3

For more info on FGM News go here. To be absolutely clear, this painting has been utilized in anti-FGM training safeguarding workshops and art exhibits (art as message medium) in several parts of the world including Nairobi Kenya, Geneva Switzerland, Edinburgh Scotland, Oxford England, North London England, Seattle USA among other cities.

Please read the written text explanations of the various types of FGM on the image itself below

1st-image-normal-then-fgm-type1type-2-type-3_bydianewalsh_fgmart_feb-20112 -with labels

Legend for the following art-workshop PDF image (4 squares)

Top Left square: Not cut (1st image-rendition meant to demonstrate no FGM)

Top Right square: Type 1 FGM

Left Under square: Type 2 FGM

Right Under square Type 3 FGM

Diane Walsh Painting No. 1- The Guardian 2011_

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Enfield, England – Art message medium