Art by Diane Walsh w/ hand-made wood frame (craftmanship & framed also by DW)

Diane Walsh painting End FGM _The Guardian - 2011


Posted here in 2015

My painting sits at the office of the ‘Global Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation’ (known as: GA-FGM) at UN Geneva headquarters campus in Geneva Switzerland

[FGM” Art by Diane Walsh ©mediageode]

Its official opening was Sept 2011. 

Working group JPEG (image original) located Here.

Website URL group (may be offline now).

Feb/April 2011 and March 2014

I travelled to Geneva to honour the openings and subsequent events.

To read my reporting, go to http://www.indydianewalsh.com and click on TAB ‘FGM’ and ALL publications.

You can follow #GAFGM #AntiFGMGlobal Identification and Response Services on twitter for additional updates and email mediageode AT yahoo DOT com with crime tips.

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In pictures – The lovely and courageous co-founders of GA-FGM, Holger Postulart (Germany) and Elisabeth Wilson (EU) b. Haiti rescued by UN PKs from DR [sic] Congo as a child and ultimately naturalized in Canada and now EU beat all odds and grew together a world-class recognized NGO, #GAFGM. See in the slideshow, their first wonderful official intern, Guillaume Roth, now a graduate of Political Studies (France) with a thesis on FGM featured a summary of his internship with GA-FGM (Fr.). “The one who broke the ice!”.

Bless Guillaume’s good soul, he perceived the image in this way: his early placement of the frame (with the UN blue teddy).

As anyone can observe, the image can appear in any direction. Art as message medium.