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March 6, 2020-

Cast iron cat: This cast iron cat was found one day by my Mom buried deep in her garden. She gave it to me to commemorate my much-adored, cat, Simon, who’s passed away, perhaps to be added to his headstone. So lovely & kind. The (wire/leather) whiskers were still attached. Pastel verathan to repair; red wire to hang.

January 30, 2020- 

#art  #artsandcrafts #pierrot tiddletaddle.com  – A vintage wood frame, painted black. Old coloured paper, softened w/ baby blue chalk, hemp string for hanging & design, image Pierrot (France, children’s doll). Fun, fun! also #art collectibles

March 17, 2018 – Painted wood bird-feeder with artsy extras

February 28, 2016 – Painted wood ‘The butterfly’

A butterfly wood canvas design painted with durable outdoor paint. Lively as a ‘Welcome’ hanger or some decor in the garden.

February 20, 2016  Earnings made from scratch

mediageode_2018_handmade jewelry_front and back view

Handmade jewelry. Yes those are real shells šŸ™‚


Vintage poster find! photo (27)

photo (28)


photo (26)

http://www.egyptsites.wordpress.com for other beautiful pics!

My grandfather’s hat  A story about his life and the War https://indydianewalsh.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/lowerislandnews_sept2016_dianewalsh.pdf

HempDeeDee!My handmade hemp fabric Kindle, etc. covers

As a longtime hemp fabric enthusiast, I have designed and sewn 5 samples, made of hemp fabric. These are covers which can be used to cover your Kindle, or your Tablet and/or your Ipad. 

(c) HempDeeDee! 2012-2022 There a 3+ sizes depending on your preference. Here is a quick video of the sample designs, etc.

This is the text of my workshop/info booth poster that I had up at UVIC – Fraser Law building 159, yesterday (Feb 19) for Hemp Awareness Week.



  • Hemp fabrics are a valuable and constructive resource in our society.
  • They can be an attractive, ubiquitous and cost effective feature in daily life.
  • The growing of hemp crop for conversion to fabric is useful to all.
  • Industrial hemp for the purposes of making fabric does not contain the chemical and biological properties of marijuana, THC.
  • British Columbia should not be deprived of the legitimate uses of industrial hemp for textile-use. Talk to your politicians.
  • www.100MileHouse.com is the model to follow. Visit: http://www.100milehouse.com/agriculture/
  • It is entirely possible and appropriate to enjoy the benefits of hemp products, as has been shown by their studies here in BC.
  • Hemp fabric is a legitimate and ā€˜stand-aloneā€™ product.
  • Separate its application and build the potential for industrial textile hemp plantations here in BC.
  • Build the potential for fabric manufacturing in British Columbia through a momentum carrying the needed public message.
  • Build the potential for hemp-fabric factories in British Columbia by talking to people about the need for innovation locally around industrial fabric hemp. 
  • Currently it is economically ā€˜constrainingā€™ for wholesalers to import hemp fabric to any large extent. Store may only carry a few hemp fabric rolls whilst carrying dozens of cotton and polyester.
  • Equally for ordinary people there are economic hurdles to purchasing wholesale hemp fabric, here in BC, for the purpose of manufacture/local design work since it basically remains a speciality item at this time.
  • For a retail customer and/or local ā€˜seamstressā€™ to purchase hemp fabric, at present it costs upward of $16 a/yard. Wholesale-hemp fabric is also not readily available.
  • This is because the demand for hemp fabric is not well-documented.
  • Many people like hemp-fabric made clothing when they see it. Many other people are not aware of its benefits. They need to be.
  • The point is: Hemp can be grown locally.
  • Hemp fabric can be made here in BC. There is nothing stopping us. Join the movement!
  • Investors come on down! People with industrial hemp growing expertise, read how  www.100MileHouse.com has set the bar: These plantations are designed for construction-use hemp products. 
  • Now we need to grow similar plantations for Hemp-textile fabric use.

 Check out https://www.ionclothing.ca as an example of locally-produced apparel

Search on Google: industrial Hemp and read on…


Industrial hemp enthusiasts further reading articles https://musicfashionmagazine.com/post/183038134357/hemp-company-article-by-diane-walsh-photo-by 







More Publications here:  www.indydianewalsh.wordpress.com

Art work here: www.tiddletaddle.wordpress.com


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