June 15, 2022

Brilliant June bloom (2022)

Ecological restoration – a driveway made into a green space

100 year old Douglas Fir and Garry Oak (protected) in Winter 2021

Vintage print of Tintin comic series

Nepal artistic design

Vancouver Art Gallery – 06-11-22 “Canadian Women Artists in the Modern Moment”

Closer visual of the face in the bulb

On February 25, 2011, work begun to take down the rail section of the Johnson Street Bridge (JBT). “The Blue Bridge” has featured as a historic icon in Victoria for more than half a century. These photos were captured at dusk on the first day of rail removal. I rode my bike for the last time on the ‘ol bridge… That way. It was… that fateful day.




I looked out my kitchen windom and bam here were these deer. Awesome.

These roses burst out just days before my best-friend’s wedding. What a delight.



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