“Breaking free” – Orca’s wave of freedom

Thanks for the compliment http://thedodo.com We are united in our desire to protect #Blackfish @dwalshmedia

Bee Life

May we be like the bees in 2019, busy, industrious, optimistic with plenty of honey.

“Saving the Magnificent”

FLT Friendship, Love and Truth – IOOF motto

FLT_by Diane Walsh_copyright of photo 2015_mediageode



“Liberty to Gaza”

“Dreamy Southwestern”

And Swirling

The Overtake: Mother Nature’s Wrath

Volcano rips unsuspecting church community

“On the Way”


“Memory of El Rincon”

Good-day. That’s a lighthouse and well, one of my favourite paintings. Not sure why.  I painted it when I returned from Baya having spent 10 wonderful days in a place called El Rincon on the peninsula.  It’s virtually a desert area; definitely the real-outback of ‘Merico’ but, surrounding it, the warm Gulf-of-Mexico water. This piece is a scene in my mind’s eye. Near, Inn at Rincon where friends and I were staying.  Needless to say artistically my image is more fantasized than the reality. But yes, I did see that horse. My memory of the beauty of this part of the world — simply — incomparable.

“Cockatiel in eternity”

When I was a teenager my mother got me a bird, a cockatiel, for getting an A in biology. This painting is my memory of him.  I named him Pele. He gave me a lot of joy.

Wow, just found an old pic of my bird (Feb 20, 2015) looking through an old hard-drive. Sweet! My cockatiel name Pele, 1989Pele is the one on the left. The all grey-one was his girlfriend. 🙂

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