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Who said chickens don’t have personality!

“Chickens with personality” by Diane Walsh (c) mediageode 2022

The essence of fear

What fear 'looks like' if you could see it with your eyes in meta-world

What can happen to your life! A tornado can hit…


Art by Diane Walsh w/ hand-made wood frame (craftmanship & framed also by DW)

Diane Walsh painting End FGM _The Guardian - 2011


This painting sits at the office of the ‘Global Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation’ (known as: GA-FGM) located at UN Geneva headquarters campus in Geneva Switzerland [Art by Diane Walsh ©mediageode 2010-2015]. The official opening was Sept 2011. Here  is the working group. I travelled to Geneva to honour the opening. To read my reporting, go to www.indydianewalsh.com and click on tab(s) ‘FGM’ and/or ‘all publications’. You can follow #GAFGM and #IDRS (Identification and Response Services) on twitter for additional updates or email mediageode AT yahoo DOT com

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In pictures – The courageous co-founders of GA-FGM, Holger Postulart (Germany, France, Switzerland) and Elisabeth Wilson (Haiti, DR of Congo, Canada, France, Switzerland) who beat all odds and have now grown a world-class recognized NGO. Next, their first wonderful official intern, Guillaume Roth, now a graduate of Political Studies (France) with a thesis on FGM featuring a summary of his internship with GA-FGM (Fr.). The one who broke the ice!

“Africa on my Mind”


1st image: “Normal” / Then “FGM”: [Type 1, Type 2, Type 3]

For more info on FGM News go here. To be clear, this painting has been utilized in anti-FGM training safeguarding courses and workshops in several parts of the world. Inquire for details. 

1st-image-normal-then-fgm-type1type-2-type-3_bydianewalsh_fgmart_feb-20112 -with labels

Diane Walsh Painting No. 1- The Guardian 2011_

~ “You don’t got me” said the little tiger cub ~

“Free Palestine”

“The Vain Old Parrot”

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