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Who said chickens don’t have personality!

The essence of fear

What fear 'looks like' if you could see it with your eyes in meta-world

What can happen to your life! A tornado can hit…


Art by Diane Walsh w/ hand-made wood frame (craftmanship & framed also by DW)

Diane Walsh painting End FGM _The Guardian - 2011


This painting sits at the office of the ‘Global Alliance Against Female Genital Mutilation’ (known as: GA-FGM) located at UN Geneva headquarters campus in Geneva Switzerland [Art by Diane Walsh ¬©mediageode 2010-2015]. The official opening was Sept 2011. Here  is the working group. I travelled to Geneva to honour the opening. To read my reporting, go to and click on tab(s) ‘FGM’ and/or ‘all publications’. You can follow #GAFGM and #IDRS (Identification and Response Services) on twitter for additional updates or email mediageode AT yahoo DOT com

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In pictures – The courageous co-founders of GA-FGM, Holger Postulart (Germany, France, Switzerland) and Elisabeth Wilson (Haiti, DR of Congo, Canada, France, Switzerland) who beat all odds and have now grown a world-class recognized NGO. Next, their first wonderful official intern, Guillaume Roth, now a graduate of Political Studies (France) with a thesis on FGM featuring a summary of his internship with GA-FGM (Fr.). The one who broke the ice!

“Africa on my Mind”


1st image: “Normal” / Then “FGM”: [Type 1, Type 2, Type 3]

For more info on FGM News go here. To be clear, this painting has been utilized in anti-FGM training safeguarding courses and workshops in several parts of the world. Inquire for details. 

1st-image-normal-then-fgm-type1type-2-type-3_bydianewalsh_fgmart_feb-20112 -with labels

Diane Walsh Painting No. 1- The Guardian 2011_

~ “You don’t got me” said the little tiger cub ~

“Free Palestine”

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